These internal rules are exposed at the entrance of “Villaggio Marzotto”. The entrance implies the fully and unconditioned acceptation by guests.

Upon arrival, after parking the car, all guests have to show the reservation and a valid ID or passport to the operators at the welcome desk for the check-in operations.
In order to ensure guests’ safety and prevent the entrance of unauthorized persons, at the check-in every guest will be provided a wristband. The guests have to wear the wristband and it is a non-transferrable form of personal identification.
The wristband allows guest to enter the village and to access all facilities. It has to be displayed upon entrance or when required by authorized personnel.
The loss of wristband shall result in the charge of a penalty of € 50,00.


Daily guests or those with visitor pass are allowed to enter the village from 8:30 to 20.30.

Daily guests have to leave a valid ID or passport with the operators at the welcome desk and shall be charged the daily rate (prices on site). They shall be given their own wristband to wear, as a non-transferrable form of personal identification.
Said wristband shall only allow access to certain services, as specified on site and must be displayed upon the request of authorized personnel performing checks.
Failure to pick up one’s ID during the hours established shall constitute, for administrative purposes, proof of the guest’s prolonged stay at the village and shall result in him/her being charged twice the daily rate for full room and board.

Visitor passes allow persons to visit the village for free for max 45 minutes. Even in this case, guests have to leave a valid ID or passport with the operators at the welcome desk.
Failure to pick up one’s ID after 45 minutes shall constitute, for administrative purposes, proof of the guest’s prolonged stay at the village and shall result in him/her being charged twice the daily rate.

Guests are only permitted to enter and exit the village, whether with or without a vehicle, exclusively by way of the main gate located at no. 44 of Viale Oriente , from 6:00 to 24.00. Between 24.00 and 6:00 a.m., guests may enter and exit the village every 30 minutes, for 5 minutes, starting from 00:25.


The “Villaggio Marzotto” is a private property. Guests can get in and out the village just to reach the parking areas with their vehicles by slow and to unloading and loading of baggage.


Parking within the village is only permitted for one vehicle (one car or one motorcycle) per room, exclusively for guests with a reservation and in designated areas; it will be charged an extra rate (prices on site) for any extra vehicle (car or motorcycle).
Vehicles must display a pass, which shall be provided upon entry into the village. Parking for vans may be authorized by the Management if arrangements are made prior to arrival.
Parking campers, RVs, or trailers inside the village is strictly prohibited. The parking areas are unattended and the Foundation shall not be held responsible for any instances of damage, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, or other occurrences. Parking outside of the designated areas is strictly prohibited, including during the unloading and loading of baggage. The Management reserves the right to tow any cars and/or other vehicles not displaying a pass, at the owner’s expense.
Daily guests can park within the village previous the payment of the daily park rate at the welcome desk (price on site).


1) The beach spot reserved for rooms shall be available from 12:00 on arrival day to 12:00 on departure day.
2) Any pieces of equipment (bikes, rubber dinghies, beach toys etc.) must be stored neatly, exclusively in the designated areas, which are unattended but usually within the buildings.
3) The “Fondazione Marzotto” shall not be held responsible for any potential damage, theft, or vandalism that should affect the said equipment.
4) The facilities and furnishings in the rooms, common areas, and at the beach must be treated with care. In accordance with legal provisions, the use of gas or electric cookers, whether inside or outside of the buildings, is strictly prohibited. Guests shall be charged for any damage caused.
5) It is forbidden to bring animals into the village and on the beach.
6) In swimming pool and pool area, it is strictly forbidden to use any kind of glasses except those dedicated to swim.
It is forbidden to enter in swimming-pool without swim cap.
7) The Direction shall not be held responsible for any health and physical problems caused by the using of the “Villaggio Marzotto” facilities and services as sport activities, swimming activities, entertainment activities and use of Turkish bath and sunlamp.
8) It is forbidden to enter the restaurant, the offices and church in a bathing suit or not suitable clothes.
9) It is forbidden to picnic in the Village in all it’s areas.
10) Minors must be accompanied by their parents or other adults having express authorization from the minors’ legal guardian. These adults shall be held responsible for ensuring compliance with all of the provisions stipulated in these regulations.
Adults with children shall be held directly responsible for the children’s behavior and must take care that their actions do not disturb the other guests. Moreover, children must always be accompanied by an adult when using the village’s various facilities and must be supervised while swimming in the sea and/or pool and while playing in the park or playground areas, which are unattended.
11) The total charge for staying at the village refers to full room and board. As a general rule, choosing not to eat meals and/or breakfast items shall not give guests the right to claim any refund whatsoever.
12) In case of food intolerances, it is required by the guest to communicate it during the booking process or no later than the arrival date.
13) The weekly booking starts on Saturday, with room/apartment check-in at 17:00 at the welcome desk (dinner included for room reservations), and ends the following Saturday rooms/apartments check-out by 9:00 at the welcome desk (breakfast included for room reservations).
14) Guests are also asked to be observe the quite hours from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 24.00 to 7:00.
15) The village has a surveillance and security staff of qualified personnel, who are responsible for ensuring that guests comply with all of the provisions stipulated in these Regulations.

Failure to abide by “Villaggio Marzotto” Internal Regulations may result in guest(s) being required to leave the premises, contingent upon an uncontestable decision made by the Foundation.
We are certain of our guests’ complete understanding of and willingness to abide by these Regulations and/or to help enforce them, and kindly thank everyone for their cooperation and wish everyone a pleasant stay.

Policy pursuant to the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 and to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Italian Legislation)

Dear Guest,
We hereby inform you that, pursuant to the directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
of 24 october 1995 and to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Italian Legislation), the personal data which you provide us shall be processed both manually and through IT systems. Providing data is optional; however, in the event that you choose not to give your consent, our facilities will not be able to complete the booking for the stay that you have requested. The databank is organized in such a way as to allow access to the data only to staff members expressly authorized by the person in charge of data processing. We also inform you that, the main reasons for collecting data relate to the following: management of administrative processes concerning guests (e.g. registering them and notifying public safety authorities of their presence at the facilities; billing process); tending to guests on the premises in the event that they should require outpatient medical services; and/or handling relations in the event that they should need to be hospitalized. It being understood that any disclosure is effected for the purpose of fulfilling legal and contractual obligations, all of the data collected and processed may disclosed exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and to the following parties – Offices of Public Safety or other public entities, in order to fulfill obligations required by current law; potential third parties directly involved in the activities of this Foundation. You are entitled to exercise your rights as per the directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 october 1995 and per art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 (Italian Legislation). The party in charge of data processing is the Fondazione Marzotto, located at Via Petrarca, 1 – Valdagno (VI).



• Unless a medical certificate or other form of documentation attesting to a true need is presented, guests shall be charged for the full amount established for the reservation made.
• Upon the presentation of a valid medical certificate or other form of documentation attesting to a true need , guests shall be charged for the amount established for the reservation, reduced by 50% for each day not used and it is contingent upon an uncontestable decision made by the “Fondazione Marzotto” This documentation have to be present to our office within 5 days after the event
• Upon the presentation of work certification (original document) shall be charged for the amount established for the reservation, reduced by 20% for each day not used, after the authenticity of the documentation presented has been verified and it’s contingent upon an uncontestable decision made by the Foundation .This documentation have to be present to our office within 5 days.

In the event that one or more beds, depending on the capacity of the room, are not used, guests shall be charged for the adult rate by 30% for each bed not used.

The final balance must be adjusted before the end of the vacation.
It is possible to pay in full for the reservation made at the time of Booking Confirmation. However, by the Thursday before guests’ departure, the final balance must be adjusted and finalized by the Administrative Office, based on the hours posted on the premises. Final payments may be made using cash, bank/postal check, ATM and credit cards (VISA or MASTERCARD).

In the case of forced removal from the Village for serious reasons, and the balance payment cannot be done as specified in section 3, Guests have to pay the balance within 5 days since receiving the invoice.

There is a mandatory deposit of € 100.00 per week, per guest, to confirm reservations.
This deposit may be made by bank transfer to Fondazione Marzotto IBAN IT 48 D 01030 36141 000001265931 (SWIFT: PASCITMMXXX) which may be done only upon receiving Booking Confirmation (indicating the reservation number).
Guests may be refunded 50% deposit in the event that they make an entire or partial cancellation sent in writing to the Foundation within 15 days before the arrival day.
In the event that a cancelation is made for only some members of a group reservation, the
Foundation shall assign a different room, if possible, with a capacity appropriate for the actual number of guests. As an alternative, guests may request that the terms of point 2 above be applied.
In case of booking option for next season it’s necessary to pay a deposit of € 25,00, (said deposit will be lost in case of cancellation), Otherwise it’ll be counted as part of the down payment required to confirm the reservation.

Guests that stay less than one week in a room already occupied by guests with a weeklong reservation, have to be checked at the welcome desk upon arrival. The missing check-in may result in all guests being required to leave the premises.
Additional guests can choose the B&B treatment only for the first night, then they will charged the FB treatment like the other participants.
Additional guests with extra beds shall be charged a percentage of the
weekly rate, in proportion to the days stayed.

Guests staying in rooms for less than one week have the option of choosing only one of the payment methods provided, or rather: either full room and board for all guests, or room and breakfast for all guests.

8) VILLAGE Weekly rates

Weekly rates include:

– Full room and board ,self-service restaurant starting with dinner of the day of arrival, ending with the breakfast of the leaving day ; this service is not included in price, for guests that stay in Villa Verde apartments or Holiday Home
– Blankets, bed linen and utilities (so not included towels, bath towels, soaps, hairdryer)
– Outdoor unguarded parking: there is only one parking spot per room (one car or one motorcycle)
– One beach umbrella, one beach-lounger, and beach-chairs till reach the number of the guests per room;
– Use of the “moms’ room” on ground floor of the Restaurant, reserved for parents with children aged 0-24 months, where basic baby-food items are available (regular milk, baby pasta, meat/vegetable broth,
– etc.). Entrance is allow to one adult at a time in order to preserve the space for the activities inside the room
– Use of pools and various facilities available on premises. (rules and time displayed on site)
– Participation in various entertainment and performances activities;
– The outpatient infirmary (which does not supply medicine) and medical assistance are daily guarantee (time displayed on site). There will be charged an extra rate for any call out of infirmary’s opening hours (day and night) except in the case it follows an admission at first aid/hospital or emergency medical care.
– N.B. It is mandatory to inform the infirmary or welcome desk in the event of an injury on village grounds; the missing information excludes any compensation requests.

Weekly rates do not include:
– Towels, bath towels, soaps, hairdryer
– Daily cleaning of room, apartments or holiday home; guests may take advantage of additional cleanings from Monday to Friday if requested in advance at the Information Office (rate displayed on site)
– Table service, wine, and soft drinks;
Guests may request table service dependent upon availability, for an extra charge displayed on site.
– Swimming lessons, bike rentals, hairstylist, and others (prices on site)

9) VILLA VERDE apartment and HOLIDAY HOME rates include:
– All services provided for the rooms, except the restaurant service;
– Use of apartment for number of beds provided for on price list.
N.B. Any additional guests born before 01/01/07 (when the number of beds provided is exceeded), shall be extra charged (prices on site).

Optional use of Restaurant service:
It is possible to eat at the self-service restaurant upon purchase of tickets at the welcome desk
– Adult Ticket: € 10,00 / meal, excluding beverages;
– Child Ticket (born from 01/01/12 to 30/06/16): € 6,00 / meal, excluding beverages;

€ 35.00 (round-trip on the Valdagno – San Vitale – Vicenza / Jesolo line), only guaranteed if requested and confirmed upon booking. Requests made after booking are met only if places available.

• It is up to the Foundation to decide whether to reserve the common
rooms located on the ground floor of the buildings and athletic facilities for use by groups and/or for events.

that the room number assigned during booking is not binding, and the
Management reserves the right to change the room if necessary for organizational purposes.

• In order to benefit from discounts based on special agreements (e.g. ANLA members, children who attend the “Fondazione Marzotto” early childhood education programs, etc…) must be stated upon the request for booking and verified through the proper documentation. Prearranged discounts shall not be granted if requested at the time of payment, and may not be used in combination with any other discounts.

N.B.: The present price list is net of visitor’s tax that will be added to the payment of the balance.
– Rooms and apartments have bed linens and blankets.
Bathroom linens (towels, bathrobes, soaps, hairdryer etc.)are not included.
The total charge does not include daily cleaning for rooms or apartments.

– Smoking is forbidden in all the indoors places of the village

For the last vacation week, from 08/09/2018 to 16/09/2018 (8 days), the weekly rate will be increased by 1/7.
This vacation week ends on 16 September, breakfast included.