The Villaggio Marzotto is a place without architectural, mental and cultural barriers.

A seagull among the seagulls

He spent the summer, my last summer as a little child.
Mom told me that I had a teacher all to myself.
I replied that if every child had a school teacher had to be very crowded.
« Not all children, silly, others do not need it! » Mom said.
« Others whom? » I asked.
« Normal ones, my poor baby ».
« What does “normal” means mom? » « Normal means… like everyone else ».
Then the mother said she had to go to clean the bathroom and ran away quickly.
Strange, it seemed to me that he had already finished cleaning.
Alone with Gabriel asked him what he meant normal.
He told me that if you’re a seagull and live among other gulls’re normal if you’re a seagull and live among’re not normal horses.
Normality does not depend on you but the people around you

It may seem strange that the site of a tourist facility is cited the writing of a disabled child, but we want the Village Marzotto – in this sense – to be different.

In all these years we have worked and invested significant resources to enable all disabled people to be guests of our Village and enjoy its beauty and all the services. This is why we are committed to creating a barrier-free Village truly accessible to all.

  • We disabled people can go to the beach comfortably, enjoy the special amenities found them, they can also access the sea through the walkways and installed in order to enjoy the wide spaces between the umbrellas with facilitating paths for light therapy and bathing.
  • We disabled people can access the pool without the need for any equipment or specialist help.
  • Have access to the restaurants, the theater and enjoy all the wide open spaces that the Village has to offer.
  • There are numerous rooms equipped with bathroom accessible and served by elevators multi floor.

To allow people with disabilities to be able to enjoy the stay, the Village provides many services, including free access to the beach and water park.

In this we have also worked to have a real Social Village, not only barrier-free and above all without mental and cultural barriers.

The village is therefore the ideal place to organize the holidays of all entities – in groups – promote summer holidays in seaside resorts.

And then we, a disabled person is a seagull among the gulls

Doct. Roberto Volpe / AD Fondazione Marzotto